Lee Abrams Hopes To Re-Invent Local News By: Diana Marszalek

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September 30, 2013 by ag5454

I found the article on TouchVision by Diana Marszalek very interesting. The “re-invention” of local news for today’s generation is a challenging task. Finding a way to reach out to an audience who doesn’t want to wait around for the story they want to hear is almost impossible. The challenge is to figure out a way to streamline what the individual user wants without adding extra information they don’t want to shuffle through. It’s seems the creators of TouchVision may have done that.

Although, the concept of this multi-platform news source seems like a great idea, A number of red flags pop up for me when reading about this new delivery for the news. The first, and biggest, being the music they would have playing in the background. I think by having this sort of slide show with whatever music the deem fitting will confuse the message of the news. The viewers will be left without the facts and instead left with the influence of the music.


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