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October 14, 2013 by ag5454

As I entered my new job about a month ago, cause marketing was one of my selling points in the interview. I expressed how important it is for our organization to connect with the community on multiple platforms. I informed those who were part of the interview team how easy it is to sell the idea to local companies. It provides us with some much need publicity and their business with a better “community driven” image. Well, let me say this now after starting the initial process, it’s easier said than done. Finding the RIGHT company to connect your nonprofit with is exhausting. Everyone (the board, the volunteers, the employees) have some small reason for not wanting to be associated with one particular company. Coming up with a consensus has been difficult, but at least we are on our way. Shawn Parr asks if the new models of generosity are a fad or a fundamental, I believe it is becoming fundamental. For a nonprofit or charity to stand out above the rest, in a time where there is a charity for everything, is a challenge. By connecting with community and engaging in cause marketing, you are branding yourself with the product of that company. So when people purchase a product from that company an association will begin to form.


Cause marketing also allows people who may not have a strong belief in your cause at the beginning build a relationship with your cause. They will start at having an understanding with what you do and why you do it, at this point they may not feel the way you do about it but they get it. The next level might be a sense of compassion for what you do, now they are starting to feel personally connected to the cause and maybe if it’s convenient for them they may do something about it. Finally, though it may take months to years, or even decades, you have created a consumer who deeply understands your cause and will go out of their way to help. You can’t expect everyone to have the passion you need to keep your organization running, you have to inform your audience, educate them on why they should care. In an interview with Nancy Lublin, Umair Haque said ” unless people are motivated to create real value that benefits people in human terms, they’re never going to do it”, that’s the ultimate goal of cause marketing– motivate your audience to do something.



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