Is it the media’s fault for giving us what we want?

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November 11, 2013 by ag5454

The first thing that popped out at me while reading Lighten up: How satire will make American politics relevant again, was the blame some are putting on people like Steven Colbert for giving the American public what they want. I think it is a little ridiculous that shows like the Daily show and the Colbert Report are looked at any differently than other entertainment TV. Yes, they do cover political issues. And some of those issues are very serious. Young states, ” fans of political satire consistently exhibit exceptionally healthy democratic characteristics compared to non-viewers”. What does this mean? People who are engaged in this type of TV programming are more involved. They educate themselves more on the topics of discussions in the TV shows. They are looking to other resources for more clarification. Isn’t this the type of consumer we are looking for?

The same thing, blame of the media for giving the public what they want, got me on the study done on the 2008 Olympic games. The media in this case covered what more people were wanting to see. Yes, I know this doesn’t include everyone, but it does include the majority. One goal of the media is to reach their consumers with relevant information. If the majority of the population wants the results from men’s Olympic basketball games, then that is going to outshine the results of the women’s fencing competition. I am sure you can still fine a story on the winners of the women’s fencing competition, but it may be on a more focused media outlet.


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