Patrick’s Aqua Tots Class (live blogging assignment)

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April 12, 2014 by ag5454

Patrick’s Aqua Tots Class (live blogging assignment)

Patrick’s last aqua tots class of the session was this morning (4/12/14) at 9:30 am. The aqua tots class is for little ones ages 0 and to 2 ½ hosted at the YMCA in Chambersburg, PA. The purpose of the class is to introduce the little ones to the water and prep them for a more structured swim class. Each class is ran the same way. The tots start off with songs and splashing in the water. While engaging in the songs the movements allow the tots to splash and go under the water. There is a part of the class that teaches the tot what to do if they were to fall in. The instructors use “Humpty Dumpty” and have the parents place the tot on the wall then allow them to fall into the water. The parent will then assist them to wall. This teaches the child what to do if they were to fall in the water. After instruction, they are allowed independent “play time”. During this time they are encouraged to interact with others in the water including the instructor.

Although, the class always follows a similar structure, the tots do not. During any given session there are a hand full of little ones who are not happy with being in the water and they will let you know. Today, there was only one. She seemed to calm down after finding the toy that she wanted to play with. The tots have one mission, to make the biggest splashes they can. It is very obvious they take every opportunity to get everyone wet, including those sitting on the sidelines! This morning’s class was the last class in the session this seem to bring in more than normal class size. There was an announcement made for the next Saturday session that starts next week. At the end, all the little swimmers received a participation certificate. Patrick did not seem to care about his certificate. He just wanted to throw it in the water so he could go back in the water to get it.



I enjoyed doing this. I did find there were a few challenges to overcome. The first was trying to engage in the activity and focus on producing content for the live stream. I know a big factor of live blogging is allowing yourself to blend into the event so you do not disrupt it. Luckily, aqua tots is a perfect place for taking photos and using your phone to document such a fun activity. Also, another challenge I faced was myself. I kept second guessing if a post was relevant or of any importance and I feel I missed some information that could have possibly made the stream more dynamic. Live blogging is a different mind-set for more me and it is something I will have to utilize more to allow for a natural reaction while documenting an event.

I used a lot of photos & videos for this event. I feel each one was important to so in the interaction of the class. The event was very visual and allowing the reader to follow along with visual elements provides more of a connection.


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