April 26, 2014 by ag5454

By: Amy Gulino

What is PASSHE?

The Pennsylvania State System for Higher Education (PASSHE) is the largest provider of higher education in Pennsylvania.

What schools are part of PASSHE?

PASSHE consist of 14 schools:

Who runs PASSHE?

A 20 member Board of Governors (BOG). Eleven members of the BOG are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate; 3 students; 4 representatives from Legislature; the governor or a designee; and the secretary of education or a designee.   

What does PASSHE offer?

They provide over 250 degree and certificate programs. The 120 course of study offered through the PASSHE system provides a full range of workforce training. The highest enrolled programs are disciplines within the business and finance, health care, technology and education areas.

What is the cost to attend a PASSHE school?

  • PA undergraduate student tuition- $6,622
  • Nonresident undergraduate student tuition- $9,934-$16,556
  • PA graduate student– $422 per credit hour
  • Nonresident graduate student- $663
  • Additional fees include; instructional technology fee, room and board charges, and local fees

What is the current enrollment of PASSHE?

Enrollment of all PASSHE schools is around 112,000.





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